Private Vocal Coaching

Shannon 'Doe' Ewing teaches all levels of singers from beginner students to aspiring professionals. Her students range from Pop, Rock, Musical Theater, to Classical and Operatic performers.

The method she teaches is called ‘Bel Canto,’ an Italian originated vocal style that prevailed throughout Europe during the 18th century, and translates well to singers of all levels, ability, and musical genres. She believes that the science of vocal physiology is the key to a deeper knowledge of the voice, and the freedom to create and perform with expertise and confidence.

Ms.'Doe's' goal is to assist her students in finding their voice, allowing it to develop with a strong foundation in the

Bel Canto technique, and to guide them in their own creative instincts and style. She believes this is a fun and exciting journey with the opportunity to build repertoire, prepare auditions, original material, and learn a diversity of vocal styles.

For private lesson inquiries, or to schedule a group master class please fill out the email form on the contact page.

Lessons are available remotely via Face Time, Zoom, & Skype upon request.