Vocal Coaching

Shannon 'Doe' Ewing coaches both professional & aspiring singers. She teaches the ‘Bel Canto’ method of singing, an Italian 16th century vocal method that was performed in Italian opera in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. The method has been used by modern vocal pedagogue masters, & practiced by a new generation of professional singers. Bel canto meaning  “beautiful singing,” has its roots in Opera, but the technique can be applied to any genre of music from Musical Theater to Pop.


'Doe' has over 20+ years of experience teaching, & singing multiples genres of music both live & as a studio singer. Through ‘Doe’s coaching you will learn about your authentic voice, the genres of music that reflect the uniqueness of your voice beautifully, & your ability to learn this timeless technique.

Bel Canto will allow you to truly sing with a solid foundation that allows for both artistic beauty, & a perfected vocal technique.


Weekly lessons are the key to creating muscle memory, developing technique, stamina, & building repertoire.

Being a singer is much like being an athlete, & the level of commitment and cultivation of skill is the same. ‘Doe’ supports her student’s with this process and philosophy. With that said, occasional coaching, or bi-weekly lessons are not part of her offerings. Monthly packages for coaching are available & customized to provide support and focus for singers. 


Private lessons can be booked for in person coaching in Los Angeles, or virtual singing lessons.

For inquires & bookings do reach out with any questions about packages and availability.